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Camping 45

How to reach us ...

Doro & Frank

By phone (9-18h): +46-560-31169 reception / +46-738-402628 cellphone.

By email: Write us

Postal address: Camping 45, Överbyn 53, 68594 Torsby, Sweden

Safe to travel!

Dear guest, your safety is very important to us!

To guarantee the highest level of security for our guests, we have taken special measures:

- The reception only accepts one guest at a time. There is hand sanitizer at the card terminal.
- All surfaces people might touch - for example door handles - are cleaned and desinfected regularly.

The service house cleaning routines have been adapted:
- We clean regularly and pay extra attention to frequent cleaning of light switches, handles, flush buttons, water taps, doors, etc.
- Hand soap is available at each sink, so you can wash your hands frequently.

The cabins also have updated routines:
- We go through the cabin after every departure and disinfect handles, water taps, flush buttons, light switches, etc.
- The cottage is not rented to the next guest until it has been disinfected and ventilated.
- Hand soap is available in all bathrooms, so you can wash your hands frequently during your stay.

Since we are a small family camping, everyone has enough space around their caravan / motorhome.
All cottages have their own entrance.
Most of all, your camping experience takes place outdoors in nature. Fresh air is good for everyone.

If you have any symptoms, stay home. No doubt.
You can cancel or reschedule as late as the day of arrival if you feel ill.
Together we will find the best solution for you: You can get your money back or we find a later date when you feel healthy again.

Frank and Dorothee, your hosts at Camping 45

PS: We currently avoid giving out hugs or handshakes because we like you so much!

Here we collected some information about Covid-19 for you:
Folkhälsomyndigheten (English) How to protect yourself from being infected Crisis information and recommended measures Municipality info page about the virus (Swedish)
broschure Broschure by the Swedish Camping Association to handle Covid-19 (english)
The green key Ekoturism The green key

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