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News: Camping award 2023

March 2023: Swedish Campingaward 2023

At the camping association's annual conference, we were awarded the prize 'Sustainability Initiative of the Year 2023' - what an honour!

Nyhet: Elbilsladdstation

December 2022: Charging station for electrical cars

On December 3rd we completed our new charging station for electrical cars.

Up to two cars can be charged simulanesly with locally produced, sustainable electricity.

Camping 45 fyller 19 år

December 2022: Camping 45 gets 19 years old

On December 1st, 2003 we took over Camping 45.

Since then, 19 faboulus years have gone and we are looking forward to hve many more years with you as our guests!

Hovfjällets stugby nr7

March 2020: New cozy cabins in the forest

Beautifully located in the middle of nature and close to Hovfjället hiking trails are our two new comfortable 6-bed cabins.

Enjoy the silence and cozy evenings by the fireplace. The cabins are 60 sqm large and equipped with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and satellite tv.

For bookings or more info you can reach us during the day at the reception on + 46-56031169 or book them online.


Baumzelt, Schweden

March 2020: Tree tent

During the summer season you can rent our new tree tent - a great alternative for campers who want to try something new.

Up to two adults or one adult and two children have space in the rain and mosquito-proof tent in the forest.
For bookings or more info you can reach us during the day at the reception on + 46-56031169.



March 1st, 2017: late winter

Slowly the winter says goodbye and the spring sun looks from a blue sky.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to go skiing on Hovfjället - probably until easter.

During springtime, we are going to renovate and enhance our facilities on the camping.

Full basket

august 20th, 2016: Mushroom season

Attention collectors - this year there are especially many mushrooms!

At our 'probe picking' during yesterday's lunch break we got a basket full of penny buns (Boletus edulis) within half an hour.

We also saw many orange birch boletes and sticky buns (Suillus luteus). Besides, cranberries are just ripe and abundant.

Marcel has succes

january 8th 2016: Ice-fishing

The ice-fishing season 2016 at Camping 45 has opened!

Trout, pike and perch just wait for to be pulled through the ice-hole.

Our fishing guide Marcel spends every vacant minute on the ice - and this with good success...

Call us on +46-560-31169 to book your ice-fishing adventure with us!

Frank hat Spass im Lift

february 8th 2015: Snowy winter

This winter offers plenty of snow and sun, much more than the last winter.

Ice-fishing with our new fishing guide Marcel was lots of fun!

Perfect skiing conditions on Hovfjället - it is a 'dream in white colour'.

Winter impressions

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